Let's make only one original ridge-end tile in the world

In this experience, we will explore the history of Kawara—the traditional roof tiles of Japan. Typically featuring a design with the fearless faces of ogres and gargoyles, these carved tiles found at the ends of the main roof ridge have been protecting the roofs of Japanese buildings from evil, and rainwater, since ancient times. I want visitors who have come to Kyoto to see them. During this experience, I will teach you how to make a small, simple Onigawara tile with this type of demon face.You can make a simple handmade course. After making Onigawara, I will fire the Onigawara tile in a kiln at the factory. Japan tile production has modernized over the years, but wouldn't you like to make an ogre tile the way they did in the past?

Originally, Onigawara is difficult
By my own developed procedure

Children and people with clumsy hands
anyone can make a ONI

Experience making an original demon from scratch
this is like no other

Other things to note
This experience uses soil, so please wear clothes that may get dirty.



Memories of Japan created with your own hands.

It is a substance that has connected the history of about 1400 years.
Culture and history created by our ancestors

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Let's create a part of that history together in an original way.

Let's make Onigawara by hand

A soul is gradually imbued into a lump of soil.and you made Monsters that protec

After 1-2 months, it will change to the traditional silver color and arrive at your home.
Please display it somewhere in your house
I'm sure he will protect you

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Let’s make Onigawara with Kawarakoubou

You complete the Original Onigawara with your hands!!

But no plobleme 

please do not worry! Anyone can easily make it with the method of Kawarakoubou♫

your process ends here
Firing in the kiln and delivery will be done by Kawara koubou


That go to my kiln,after days

I will bake the your Onigawa at our kiln



Depending on the schedule and the season, it will be delivered to your home in about one to two months.

please wait♬

About us

I was born into and am the third generation of a Japanese tile shop, I'm fifth generation if you include the time before the business became the corporation it is today. I studied tile engineering in construction and host a historic tile tour experience program. I have been surrounded by the tile culture since I was born.I've run workshop"Kawarakoubou Youya" of art products which made by clay of Japanese roof tile in Kyoto. I have the experience of the Airbnb host over 5years.
I am active as a artist to spread the beauty and charm of Japanese tiles. Many of my works are based on zen ideas, and I have dedicated my works to the main of a Japanese Zen temple.Some of my artworks have been selected at art exhibition. Also I have appered on the TV program.
I can only speak a little English, so sometimes I use a translator.

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Regular holiday: Tuesday

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